Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting "Present"

I’m not sold yet. And there’s less than a week to go.

So, I’m voting “Present” this year, and I’m doing it with a clear conscience. For I live in Connecticut, and my vote will not influence the outcome in any way, I can take the high road and simply abstain.

McCain lost me when he offered to buy everyone’s mortgage. If I wanted a liberal in office, I’ll vote for a real one.

Obama is still a question mark. I love his public persona and I love the idea of being able to move beyond our perceived racist bias. I’m comfortable that he will not change foreign policy that much just the world’s perception of our foreign policy.

I just don’t know what his economic policies will be if he is elected. Will he govern from the center or from the left?

Everything in his background screams “left”, yet he seems too smart for that. Will he learn from Clinton’s first two year in office, or are we destined to repeat them?

I’m just not sure. So I’m voting “present”, just as He did in the Illinois Senate. Thank you CT for making it easy for me!