Friday, November 5, 2010

The People Have Spoken, the Bastards!

After being totally absorbed in the last election cycle (this time it was personal for me), it’s time for me to disconnect a bit and focus on other areas that need attention.

But not before a parting shot.

I’ll start with Peggy Noonan’s excellent article from which I stole this headline. Noonan’s posits that American voters are adults, they rejected the Democratic party’s liberal agenda, but also the more extreme Republicans candidates. A good message needs a good messenger. Good for us.

I laugh as the losing party starts to talk about our ‘broken system’ where nothing ever gets done. You know what: we adult voters like the system the way it is. Since everyone agrees that, by and large, politicians are crooks. So why do we want to give them more power over our lives?

<sidebar2> Similarly, I always wondered why liberals who think that cops are all fascist pigs, insist that they should be the only ones allowed to have guns. Someone ‘splain it to me please. </sidebar2>

But what was proven this year, yet again, is the amazing political system that was put in place by our founding fathers. A unique system that has no equal anywhere else in the world. A system that diffuse power greatly and puts the individual in charge.

Nothing illustrates this more that the primary system. Pundits complain that it polarizes the dialogue since only diehard partisans vote in primaries. But the flip side is that in every other place on this planet, party bosses pick the slate of candidate and voters are permitted to pick from one or more piles of feces. No other country in the world would have produced a Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, or even a Christine O’Donnell.

Even when we’re scared and cannot think straight, the wisdom of the crowd reasserts itself.