Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Longest Election Night in History

By midnight last night most major networks had called the presidential race for Barack Obama. John McCain conceded shortly thereafter.

It was a great moment for this country, a renewal of the American Dream on a scale never seen since Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America". Across the world millions of oppressed, ignored, marginalized minorities lifted their lonely eyes to the ray of hope from the shining city on the hill and said: "Only in America".

Yet we woke up this morning with an election as of yet undecided. Actually, it’s been decided, we just do not know the outcome.

It is so because for many of us, we still do not know what kind of a president got elected. Which man will move into the White House in January? Will a centrist, post-racial, uniter be the leader of the free world? Or will a weak-willed, go with the flow, I’ll sit-in-church-and-listen-to-vitriol and say-anything-to-get-elected politician be our commander in Chief?

The Economist wrote an editorial endorsing Obama entitled: "America Should Take a Chance on Obama".

We did.

In fact, we’re All-In.

It’s going to be a long night.

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