Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Give Iraq a Chance

Despite recent success, many seem determined to see the half empty glass in the Iraq.

Jeff Miron writes:

In addition, merely holding elections is not the ultimate goal; many countries have held elections that were meaningless in practice. We have yet to see whether Iraq’s “democracy” will become a de facto religous dictatorship.

I understand that elections are not the ultimate goal. However, they are a mean to an end are they not?

Would anyone looking in on the United States in the lase 18th Century have predicted anything but the collapse of this aberration/experiment?

Was the goal, in the end, not worth all the struggles?

I understand that we want to disincentivize American military adventurism. I’m all for that.

I understand that the cost in treasure and blood is high. But that cost is sunk at this point.

It’s time to stop beating the doom and gloom drums for Iraq. Give them half a chance will ya?

They deserve it as much as we did in 1776.

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